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A modernized AK Automatic Rifle with a stamped receiver instead of a milled receiver. It both reduces production costs and the weight of the weapon. It also has increased accuracy and range compared to the previous generation.

Initial recoil mark


  1. Judas's mission
  2. Black Market Trades

Performance of guns[]

When fitted with high-end attachments, the AKM can be seen as turning into a laser. The vertical recoil becomes negliable and the horizontal recoil "bounces" side to side, self correcting itself. Within 10m, you can turn it into a high DPS weapon with a 50 round Drum, and you can consistently land 1-2 inch groupings at 30m, with accuracy to spare past that.

Recommended modification scheme[]

Effective Range - 200

Accuracy - 61

Horizontal Stability - 82

Vertical Stability - 73

Ergonomics - 73

  • Muzzle - Hybrid Suppressor for AKM
  • Barrel - Modified Barrel for AKM
  • Handguard - AKM RXM Handguard
  • Foregrip - VG-1 Diagonal Grip
  • Clip - RXM47 50 Round Drum Mag
  • Receiver - AKM EDF Dust Cover
  • Back grip - Standard Pistol Grip for AK-12
  • Gunstock - AK Cherno-S Stock
  • Flashlight - X1 Tactical
  • Laser sights - AN/PEQ-2 Tactical
  • Mechanical gunsight - N/A
  • Optical gunsight - EJS 2.5x