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Abigail is the daughter of the boss of a weapons company, and has been taught strictly since childhood. Under the pressure of her father, she participated in militarized training and joined the United Nations government army. Later, she joined the ARK Company's private security force and became the captain of the ARK Company's security force. Directly under the orders of Ute, CEO of ARK Company, and responsible for protecting ARK Company's property and core information in the blockade area. During an asset transfer mission, she met Alita, a biologist from the ARK Company, and the two became friends. Personal life is very regular, and physical exercise is carried out every day. She speaks less, has a hot and cold personality, and dares to challenge difficulties. But in front of some friends will be more easy-going.

Mission List[]

  • mission 1
  • mission 2
  • mission 3
  • mission 4