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Heidi was born to be a rebel, she broke away from her parents' discipline when she was a student and began to be self-reliant. She is obsessed with machines and believes that machines are more reliable than people. After the phenomenon, she saw a husband kill his wife. She was betrayed by a friend, causing serious injuries to her body, and modified her body through machinery.

Mission List[]

  • 1-1 Building the Weapon table:
  • Pick up KRD 8-18 red dot sight (1)
  • Pick up AKS-74UN (1)
  • 1-2 The feeling of bing wealthy:
  • Find the factory key in the tin room in the unloading area.
  • Open the door to the conference room to get as many items as possible.
  • Open the door to the pumping station and take out as many items as possible
  • Pick up Gold Diamond Ring (4)
  • 1-3 Trade-in:
  • Turn in 1 G-S DL0 Backpack
  • 1-4 Weapon in the room:
  • Find the key to the secret room of the BAF Factory in the passage to the unloading area.
  • Find an advanced modified weapon in the secret room on the 3rd floor, BAF Factory.