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Punishers and exclusion zone lynchers hate marauders. Judas once had everything, which is why he was extremely vigilant. When the shelter era came, he thought that as long as the people around him were safe, he wouldn't have to worry about the fate of the whole world. This is what he believed until he lost everything. Seeking redemption, he put on his police uniform again and began to administer his justice.

Mission List[]

  • 1-1 Capable Fighter: Use a MP5 to kill 2 marauders from 50+ meters.
  • 1-2 Double the Protection: Turn in 2 sellable T3 Armor.
  • 1-3 Sniper Test: Use a Mosin-Nagant to kill 3 marauders from 80+ meters.
  • 1-4 Bullet Time: Kill 5 marauders using the AKS-74N assault rifle and PRS 5.45*39 rounds.
  • ...