Lost Light Wiki

The shelter is the place where player can modify weapons, purchasing gadgets and marketing goods. A good shelter needs updating facilities inside., which required players to collect more and more resources. Below are the upgrade item requirements for some of these facilities.


Lvl1: Iron(5)

Lvl2: Iron(45), Luna(100k)

Lvl3: Iron(50). Hammer(3), Luna(150k)

Lvl4: Iron(70), Hammer(4), Insulated Wire(4), Firefly Level 8, Luna(200k)

Lvl5: Iron(126), Insulated Wire(5), Utility Knife(5), Luna(300k)

Lvl6: Iron(252), Utility Knife(6), Charging Cable(6), Safety System Lvl 2, Luna(400k)

Lvl7: Iron(378), Charging Cable(7), Electric Drill(7), Firefly Level 16, Luna(500k)

Lvl8: Iron(504), Portable Power Station(4), Box Cutter(4), Luna(650k)

Lvl9: Iron(630), Screws(5), Nuts(5), Electric Screwdriver(5), Safety System 3, Luna(800k)

Lvl10: Iron(756), Insulated Wire(6), Energy-Saving Lightbulb(6), Soldering Iron(6), Luna(950k)

Lvl11: Iron(945), Hydraulic Bolt Cutter(7), Bug Spray(7), Steel Nails(7), Luna(1,100k)

Lvl12: Iron(1197), Hydraulic Bolt Cutter(8), Small Air Purifier(8), Graphics Card(8), Firefly Level 24, Luna(1,250k)

Lvl13: Iron(1449), Portable Power Station(5), Domestic Hairdryer(5), Graphics Card(5), Luna(1,450k)

Lvl14: Iron(1638), Camera(6), Commemorative Crypto Coin(6), Handheld(3), Luna(1,650k)

Lvl15: Iron(2016), IR Thermometer(7), Commemorative Crypto Coin(7), IR Rangefinder(4), Luna(1,850k)

*Trading Center*[]

Lvl1: Electronic Component(68)

Lvl2: Electronic Component(149), Small Diamond Ring(4), Luna(100k)

Lvl3: Electronic Component(258), Ruby Ring(5), Medium Diamond Ring(5), Luna(150K)

Lvl4: Electronic Component(439), SSD(6), CPU(6), Safety System Lvl 2, Firefly Lvl 12, Luna(250k)

Lvl5: Electronic Component(488), Music Player(6), Electronic Watch(6), Smartphone(6), Luna(400k)



Lvl1: Electronic Component(39), Metal Wire(70), Pliers(1), Tape Measure(1)

Lvl2: Electronic Component(99), Metal Wire(186), Lighter(2), Utility Knife(2), Safety System Lvl 2, Firefly Lvl 6

Lvl3: Electronic Component(169), Metal Wire(255), Glue Gun(3), Special Scalpel(3), Luna(150k)

Lvl4: Electronic Component(248), Metal Wire(691), Folding Scalpel White(5), Folding Scalpel Black(5), Safety System Lvl 3, Firefly Lvl 12, Luna(250k)

Lvl5: Plastic(465), Metal Wire(650), Disinfectant Swab(7), Microscope(7), Luna(400k)


Lvl1: Iron(145), Luna(3,000k)

Lvl2: Iron(195), Screws(5), Extinguisher(7), Nuts(5), Luna(4,800k)

Lvl3: Iron(395), Gun Oil(5), Toilet Paper(5), Safety System Lvl 2, Weapon Table Lvl 3, Health Center 4, Luna(8,100k)


*Weapon Table*[]

Lvl1: Iron(50), Luna(20k)

Lvl2: Metal Wire(70), Hammer(1), Safety System Lvl 2, Luna(150k)

Lvl3: Iron(360), CPU(2), Cooler(4), Safety System Lvl 3, Luna(350k)